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are a trained illustrator.Because the illustrations are so important, this may take some time, possibly years rather than months.His column ran in the local press for over twenty years but now he has time on his hands, he would like to try his hand at writing for children.When questioned, the boy confessed that he found the stories oldfashioned and said he would rather be playing computer games.Ben tries an experimentBen is a science teacher at a large comprehensive school.Utilising his knowledge of school systems and the National Curriculum, he devises a plot in which a group of children working on a class project make an amazing scientific discovery.They show their teacher who promptly takes all the credit and the children have to combine forces to prove to the school’s head that they are the true inventors of the formula.The vocabulary is correctly pitched and as they are based on Ben’s own pupils, the characters are very realistic.Have you identified the age group for which you wish to write?Is your vocabulary appropriate?Is your story told from a child’s perspective?Does your story reflect modern attitudes and lifestyles?Will your story appeal to today’s child?Do your child characters solve the problem themselves?Your sibling got a present and you didn’t.You got a present and your sibling didn’t.A childhood illness caused you to miss a treat.You were hauled out of