Your Alarm Panel sends a signal format that must be identified zone by zone in order for proper alarm dispatching. You have 3 options available to you.

Option #1. Contact your PREVIOUS ALARM COMPANY and request that they provide you with a copy of your "MASTER FILE" including the ALARM SIGNAL ZONE INFORMATION. This method is by far the simplest and most complete. MOST companies will provide this to you as a courtesy, however some may be reluctant because they have just lost your monthly payments. (PLEASE SEND THE DOCUMENTS TO THE FAX NUMBER or EMAIL LISTED BELOW.)

Option #2. Self-Testing ZONE-by-ZONE. This is the FASTEST way to decode your Alarm Signal Information and can be done with minimal amount of effort. You will be required to pick a time that you can trip your alarm ZONE by ZONE allowing our MONITORING CENTER to receive each alarm signal separately. (UPON COMLPETION, PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THIS FORM)

Option #3. Click to order ASSISTED TESTING to perform ZONE-by-ZONE Testing with you over the phone.   (UPON COMPLETION, PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THIS FORM)

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National Corporate Offices 1-800-365-2527
National Technical Support 1-888-769-8977
National Monitoring Center 1-800-765-2580
Email: or 24 Hour Fax 1-800-976-2287
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